Leonard Foster on the Farm

Glendon Foster at Irwinville Farms GA No. 3 Washtubs Farming Life Photo John Vachon Library of Congress © Brian Brown Vanishing Media Irwinville Farms Website

John Vachon/Library of Congress (May 1938)

I first thought this was Glendyon Foster but thanks to Joy Wilson McDaniel I now know it was his brother, Leonard. There may be other photos where I’ve incorrectly identified Leonard as Glendyon. If so, let me know!  He and his family were well-documented by John Vachon during the course of the project. I have another photo from the same day, which is slightly damaged, but I will add it to the post when I’ve finished editing it. How about those No. 3 washtubs? I loved playing in my great-grandmother’s when I was a boy!


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2 responses to “Leonard Foster on the Farm

  1. Brian,
    this can’t be Glydon if it was made in 1938. It is his brother Leonard.

  2. Jack Paulk

    Brian, The box that Leonard is sitting on says ” High Explosives”. Could possibly be dynamite that was commonly used during that time?

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