Scene at Irwinville, 1938

Scene of Log Farmhouse at Irwinville GA Folk Life Vernacular Architecture Photographer John Vachon Library of Congress © Brian Brown Vanishihg Media Irwinville Farms Website 2013

John Vachon/Library of Congress (May 1938?)

This was made in 1938 but there’s no further identifying information. The log house is typical of the time, as well as the chinaberry tree in the dirt yard. It was likely made on the “outskirts” of Irwinville.


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2 responses to “Scene at Irwinville, 1938

  1. Quincy Webb

    Brian, this is the type of house I was brought up in and in fact I was born in a log house, I have been trying to find photos of one of the old houses that I lived in. My Mother had traded some chickens for a little old box camera and she would take pictures of everything, she got the camera from a rolling store that was home based in Scotland Ga.

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