Wilson Farmstead, Irwin County

Home of a tenant farmer who will be resettled Irwinville Farms GA Photograph by Arthur Rothstein Library of Congress Brian Brown Irwinville Farms Website

This was among the most common styles of housing in South Georgia prior to the Great Depression; many structures of this style remain today in various stages of modification. Thanks to Gary McDaniel for identifying this as his grandparents’ home. It was archived as a typical home of an Irwinville Farms client before resettlement. The young boy on the front porch, barely visible on the right, is his uncle, Bill Wilson. Gary’s mother, Joy Wilson McDaniel, is an Irwinville native and the author of the wonderful history: Irwinville Farms Project: The Making of  a Community.

Arthur Rothstein/Library of Congress (September 1935)

Here’s a link to the photograph of Bill Wilson:



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