Children at the May Day Picnic, Irwinville, 1939

In her book about Irwinville Farms, Joy Wilson McDaniel identifies these twins as Ruby Deen & Francine Thomas. It’s one of my favorite photos from Irwinville.

It looks like the children of Irwinville had as much fun as the adults.

These are cataloged as “unidentified” within the Library of Congress Irwinville collection, but since they virtually match other shots from the May Day Picnic of 1939, the assumption of archivists is that they were made the same day.

Marion Post Wolcott/Library of Congress (Spring 1939)



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5 responses to “Children at the May Day Picnic, Irwinville, 1939

  1. Beverly Hogan

    Please keep the pictures comming. I love to see more of this farm project being that my daddy grew up there. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Lisa McRae

    That little girl looks like me as a small child, wonder if it is my mom, Sandra Godwin Purvis and her older sister Rita Godwin Roberts, will get in touch with them and see!

  3. Alan Thomas

    Love the pictures would love to see some of the old chicken coops and smoke houses

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