James McDuffie’s Farm at Irwinville

James MacDuffie's Two Horse Farm Unit at Irwinville Farms Cornfield Great Depression Photographer John Vachon May 1938 Library of Congress © Vanishing Media Irwinville Farms Website USA 2013

John Vachon/Library of Congress (May 1938)

The McDuffie family were among the most-documented families on the Irwinville Farms Project. This is the image used on the site header.


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3 responses to “James McDuffie’s Farm at Irwinville

  1. Toby McDuffie

    I was just visiting Irwinville the weekend of 3/9/13 and found out that the home shown here was recently torn down. My father, Winston McDuffie, grew up in that house. James McDuffie was my grandfather.

  2. wayne stephens married Natacha Tucker.

    Isnt this house on cyrstal lake road? My inlaws Vernon and Opal Tucker lived just out from them i think.

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