Irwinville Farms Co-Op Store

John Vachon/Library of Congress. (May 1938)

Besides signs encouraging consumers to “Call for Phillip Morris”, there’s also a flyer advertising National Airmail Week.


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6 responses to “Irwinville Farms Co-Op Store

  1. parisjet

    The gentleman leaning up against the wall is definitely not W.P. Bryan
    I am his grandson and spent many weekends with him in Irwinville.
    W.P. Bryan III

    • Thanks for the correction! I think it was in the notes from the photographer but not the photographer’s title, but they often jotted things down in such a hurry that errors are common. I’ll change the description. I’d love to know more about your grandfather, especially if you have any photos or reminisces from him.

      • parisjet

        I have a great photo of the 1936 Irwinville baseball team taken in front of the school . Please tell me how to send the photo as an attachment. I can furnish many of the names with the photo

      • Send to wbrianbrownATgmailDOTcom. I’ve always wished I knew more about your grandfather…those were interesting times. Thanks.

      • Only one I know in the photo is Chester Foster….would love to know more of the names.

  2. Lisa Brown McRae

    Was this the post office? If so, this was my family’s store-Godwins.

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