Scene in the Co-Op Store, Irwinville

John Vachon/Library of Congress. (May 1938)

The man on the right is Hubert Godwin, who served for many years as the postmaster at Irwinville. Many thanks to his grandson Ricky for the identification. I wonder what Mr. Godwin would think of today’s local politicians who did nothing to save the Irwinville Post Office from closure.


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7 responses to “Scene in the Co-Op Store, Irwinville

  1. Ricky Godwin

    That’s my Grandfather, Hubert Godwin, to the right. He later ran the post office in Irwinville for many years.

  2. Lisa Brown McRae

    Same thing I was gonna say Ricky! Love finding pictures of him in this store! Have a picture where ice cream company had a contest and Ronnie Cantrell won a pony! Very interesting picture…

  3. Lewis Godwin

    My father, Charles B. Godwin, was a nephew of Hubert Godwin. I remember stopping by his store when I was young (around 1969) on our way through Irwinville, where my father was born in 1926. I remember Uncle Hubert’s store and the post office inside. He would let all of us kids pick out candy to take with us.

  4. Betty McIntyre

    Mr. Hubert Godwin was a fine, Godly man. I was the clerk for him at the post office when he passed away,
    His desire was to serve the people of Irwinville. He would be devastated that the post office was closed in the manner that it was…with the people of Irwinville being misled.
    Betty McIntyre

  5. Betty McIntyre

    I think you’re right…so sad.

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