Buying Shoes in the Cooperative Store

John Vachon/Library of Congress. (May 1938)

The clerk behind the counter is Hubert Godwin, who served as Irwinville Postmaster for many years.

Welcome to Irwinville Farms! This new website, brought to you by Vanishing South Georgia, will bring together in one place the Library of Congress archive of Farm Security Administration images of life around the Irwinville Farms resettlement community, one of many such emergency assistance projects created by the federal government during the Great Depression of the 1930s. I hope viewers will help identify the people in these images as well as share family stories and anecdotes passed down through the generations. All images on this site are courtesy of the Library of Congress, unless otherwise noted; family images from this period of Irwinville’s history are welcome and actively solicited.



September 27, 2011 · 8:41 pm

4 responses to “Buying Shoes in the Cooperative Store

  1. duffiedawg

    The clerk behind the counter was Hubert Godwin. He later became the PostMaster for Irwinville for many years. The Post Office was moved into a wood-frame building at it’s current location.
    Mr Godwin also sold sundries and Philco appliances.
    Carroll Godwin, his son has told me that the blocks in the current Post Office were made on site by him and his brother Hinton, in forms made by Grady Nichols, another Irwinville Farms farmer.

  2. Lisa Brown McRae

    Another wonderful picture of my Grandfather, Hubert Godwin.

  3. CKDominy

    So many years ago and it is a lesson to see these pictures for people who didn’t grow when Georgia was such a rural state. Thank you a trip back.

  4. My father was born on ‘Black Thursday’ 1929 in Fitzgerald, Ga., Benhill County. I was born and raised elsewhere, but learned a great deal about south Ga. from visiting relatives and hearing many stories. I really have enjoyed this fascinating history of Irwin county!

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